Our journey as a brand started in 2011, in a very unpretentious way. It was the time of bracelets and I, Thalita, fashion stylist and founder of the brand, in love with handwork, started making macramé accessories. I was at the end of fashion college when I decided that I needed to take the next step: making clothes. By the way, that was my passion and that's how we started. Astele came to bring products with differentiated design; it is, sometimes, the basic one that has fashion information that looks good on the body and, at the same time, is comfortable.

As I used to say: Astele brings real fashion, as you don't see around. And why is that? Because I actively work in each production process, I develop collections and models that have a differential, even if it's in a placed trim different way. Astele came up with the idea of making a fashion that carries the Brazilian DNA, but at the same time, with a timeless style.


And now? Well, after almost 10 years developing products, after search a lot of knowledge and to enter into my own essence, I'm constructing a new Astele, this new one is under development, and the best part, I want to construct it together with you that is reading this, because we make products for our clients, for they feel unique and free to be who they want to be.


We have new goals, new dreams and a new purpose. So I invite you to meet the new Astele, the one that is in constant development. I invite you to discover the RECOMEÇO collection and to be part of this dream.